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Although this is only the second book I’ve read in the series so far, I find that the author sticks to a rudimentary pattern with writing these novels, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially because I appreciate the worldbuilding above all else My qualms with this book however delve into it’s execution.The first thing I feel the need to point out is the writing itself It felt choppier than a rough sea at parts, but that could easily be attributed to stuff lost in translation and the like, and while the first book suffered a little bit I found it much easier to look past than this one Going beyond that I had a hard time being invested in the characters, they seemed like cheap twodimensional antagonists that served little purpose other than being obstacles for the main character, Vampire Hunter D Nearly every man was a twobit thug/rapist and nearly every woman was a damsel in distress, helpless to the overwhelming strength of their counterparts i wasn’t offended by that alone but it felt like these were the only defining traits and it lacked originality And I understand that D himself is the star of his stories but out of all the action and fighting scenes I enjoyed the fights amongst the minor characters the most because they actually held risk, I wasn’t certain who was destined to die.On a positive note I do enjoy some of theunique ideas that built up the backbone of the setting, like a giant robotic arm being used for combat or a hidden city full of mutants and interesting combatants That’s really why I read these, because even though the people aren’t fleshed out they really shine with their fascinating abilities, such as a man who shoots lightning from a spirit apparition of himself or a thin mutant who literally teleports through shadows Even a parasite that takes over human hosts, I find that very interesting.Maybe I’m a little hard on this though After all, I watched Bloodlust, the movie based on this book, years before I read this so I had certain expectations and definitely noted some major differences But between the smooth flow of action and the cleaner way it finished the story as opposed to this novel, I think it’s way above this In the end it was cool to look at the source material and see what was altered, and I plan to continue trucking through the series. Great read!! Mr Kikuchi most certainly did not disappoint.I am a big fan of the movie Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, which was inspired by this book Although the plots somewhat differ from one another, they both held me in suspense I immediately became attached to the heroine of the tale Leila Marcus, the sister of the infamous Marcus clan Believe me when I say, this chick had it rough Being the only female in the clan, she suffered emotionally, from lost relationships, and physically by the hands and manly needs of her brothers Of course when she crosses the path of the beautiful Vampire Hunter D, who was hired to seize the same target as the Marcus clan, she falls for him bigtime and gives into the urge to protect him, just as he protects her As usual, D is cool and unmoved, but it becomes very clear throughout the story that he has a certain fascination with Leila But don't get it twisted, this is not a romance tale.The horror aspect of the tale made it all the enjoyable God, I can’t help but love Kikuchi’s wild imagination!There are scenes in the story that are greatly drawn out, but this happens to be a unique writing style of Kikuchi’s that I happen to enjoy It just pulls me deeper into the scene There’s some serious headhopping, which is a little jarring if you’re not used to it However, the story is so intriguing that the head hopping is easy to overlook.Fabulous job Mr Kikuchi I can’t wait to read the next one! These books are getting hard to rate I realize these are all just basically guilty pleasures for those of us who enjoy bizarre creatures, meandering storylines, and laugh out loud fight scenes filled with hyperbole But as I try to distinguish the books from each other for rating purposes, I find myself conflicted about the strengths and weaknesses of each book.If I compare this book to the previous one (Vampire Hunter D Volume 02: Raiser of Gales), I prefer this one because there are fewer sexual assaults, there arestrong women characters, and the main themes seem to be about love in unexpected places and the question of when humans can be the monsters On the other hand, I didn't like this one so much because right when I was getting comfortable with all the strong women, the author throws in two plotlines (trigger warning (view spoiler)[one of the women turns out to be dealing with repeated rapes at the hands of people she trusts, and another is a victim of an attack that mimics rape (hide spoiler)] This book is told in multiple perspectives To name a few were D, the Marcus Clan, Mayerling, and the girl that was with Mayerling That was only a few I think reading it from so many perspectives really helps you imagine this story of adventure better.This story is very action / adventure / fantasy with tons of description All of these books are very strong with world and character building.The setting for this book is on the frontier Where its often to dangerous for anyone to travel and you never know what creatures you'll run into day or night.This story has to do with of course Vampire Hunter D who is a dhampir, half human half vampire (Noble) I love his character sooo much he seems very detached from the other characters of every book that I've read of his adventures (3) He like the ultimate, smoothest fighter I've read about, it almost comes to easy for him.Within this book D is hired to go get a girl who was captured by a Noble But a clan of vampire hunters was hired for the job as well Not to mention the girl went with Mayerling (the vampire) on her own free will (this is very rare) and they love each other.Just that little glimpse of storyline makes this book have such strong appeal to me Not to mention after reading the first two I was hooked.The Marcus Clan was interesting to read about There is five of them in all and they all have their own skills that make them strong hunters for just being humans I think my favorite character out of their clan would have to be the girl Leila She is very strong with what she has to put up with and shes a pretty badass at driving.Mayerling and his girl are so romantic I loved the two of them together and I just wanted to keep reading to see if they'd make it out alive They have quite a few awe moments to them.I really enjoyed this book, I found it to be a quick read There is always some really dark and mess up things within these books I noticed so far, but their interesting to read about It is one of the shorter ones that have read out of this series, but I enjoyed this storythan I did for the second. After reading the first two books I had mix feelings about the character and the author I will continue to read them (that's no doubt) but as the previous book I was not all that glad about this book This book suffers from the translation (it seems that sometimes the english language is not suitable or makes all that sense) I think it's hard to translate a book from japonese to a western language Since I don't understant japonese I can't say anything If there are some differences from english to portuguese I think what would be the differences from japonese to any other language Moving along..This book as the first was adapted for a tv film If the movies were something good the books I can't say that This third book the persons doing it changed everything Even the ending is completely different In the movie they go happily to the stars but on this book the noble Mayerling is killed and the female counterpart impales herself in his nails (sharp as steel).I know this book has the right ending but I did see the movie first soIn the end I think the book (small as it was) drag on in some parts. In seemed that nothing happened for some time But as I Said maybe is my perspective of the film I will read the fourth book in a couple of weeks and see what changed.The companionmanga book is doesn't feel right and i'ts not that good I think it add nothing to the all mythologie. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is a much looser adaptation of this book There are numerous plot changes and character personality shifts D has been hired by a wealthy ailing man to find his daughter whose been kidnapped by vampire, MeierLink We soon learn that the two are actually in love and want to escape together to a planet leaving the planet D isn't the only one on their tail The father's also hired the mercenary Marcus brothers (with 3 brothers and a sister) for the same mission It's a race to the finish for who will rescue her first Normally, I prefer the books to the movie, but for this series it was the opposite The movie was visually stunning a the time with great action I also much preferred the family dynamic of the Marcus brothers compared to the book as well In the movie, they at least come off as somewhat likable I didn't feel MeierLink and Charlotte's (though she is unnamed here) love shine through quite as much compared to the movie Leila's not quite as badass as she was in the movie and feelings for D arepronounced here She does come off assympathetic though Overall these books are fairly short read If you've seen Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, I would recommend reading the book It's very interesting to see what the movie changed *Review posted to Probably the best one I've read so far The first volume was basic, the second one was overly weird and this one had multiple perspectives and was a sprawling adventure for those reasons it rates as the best of the 3 I've read so far Extremely different from the movie called Bloodlust ;) I recommend to read the book x'D Honestly, it's hard to think of anything new to say about Vampire Hunter D and I've only managed to finish the third volume! Not to mention, it's always terribly difficult to choose whether to rate this as according to its literary values, or how much of a guilty pleasure these pulp fictiony books are to me I'm going to go for the latter, just because I never even expected these books to have any literary value whatsoever From the beginning, I expected to get fantastic, imaginary creatures and powers, over the top action scenes and fight abilities and the book certainly delivers.If I compare the third volume to the first and second installments, I have to say I find it inferior to the former and superior to the latter This book is fareasier to follow in all its details than Raiser of Gales, and the action scenes are farexciting to me here than in the previous books.But, there are so many characters in so few pages, that I can't help feeling like I couldn't learn enough about any one of them to care much of what was happening to a single character Which is a shame, given that, in the beginning, I was positively surprised by the female characters They were powerful in their own ways The young lady who leaves everything behind with her Noble love, Baron Meyerling, shows strength in going against the societal norms that condemn relationships between vampires and humans Leila is a renowned vampire hunter of the Marcus Clan, and then there is a dhampir lady who shows skills unusual to most halfvampires (I forgot her name) (view spoiler)[who manages to make one of the notoriously skilled and dangerous Marcus brothers her slave (hide spoiler)] The third volume of the popular Japanese series comes to America in Vampire Hunter D: Demon Deathchase The vampire hunter known only as D has been hired by a wealthy, dying man to find his daughter, who was kidnapped by the powerful vampire Lord Meierlink Though humans speak well of Meierlink, the price on his head is too high for D to ignore and he sets out to save her before she can be turned into an undead creature of the night In the nightmare world ofAD finding Meierlink before he reaches the spaceport in the Clayborn States and gets off the planet will be hard enough, but D has than just Meierlink to worry about The dying man is taking no chances, and has also enlisted the Marcus family, a renegade clan of four brothers and a sister who don't care who they kill as long as they get paid Beautiful illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano complement the postapocalyptic plot, filled with chilling twists CoPublished with Digital Manga Publishing