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Already Being Hailed As A Grapes Of Wrath For Our Times And A New American Classic, American Dirt Is A Rare Exploration Into The Inner Hearts Of People Willing To Sacrifice Everything For A Glimmer Of HopeLydia Quixano Perez Lives In The Mexican City Of Acapulco She Runs A Bookstore She Has A Son, Luca, The Love Of Her Life, And A Wonderful Husband Who Is A Journalist And While There Are Cracks Beginning To Show In Acapulco Because Of The Drug Cartels, Her Life Is, By And Large, Fairly ComfortableEven Though She Knows They Ll Never Sell, Lydia Stocks Some Of Her All Time Favorite Books In Her Store And Then One Day A Man Enters The Shop To Browse And Comes Up To The Register With Four Books He Would Like To Buy Two Of Them Her Favorites Javier Is Erudite He Is Charming And, Unbeknownst To Lydia, He Is The Jefe Of The Newest Drug Cartel That Has Gruesomely Taken Over The City When Lydia S Husband S Tell All Profile Of Javier Is Published, None Of Their Lives Will Ever Be The Same American Dirt Will Leave Readers Utterly Changed It Is A Page Turner It Is A Literary Achievement It Is Filled With Poignancy, Drama, And Humanity On Every Page It Is One Of The Most Important Books For Our Times American Dirt is not an easy read, but it s an engrossing, important one This book tells the story of several migrants making their way through Mexico, hoping to enter the U.S For most of them, the journey begins with violence The central characters, Lydia and Luca, are the only survivors of a drug cartel massacre that kills sixteen members of the same family Convinced that the cartel will continue to hunt them, Lydia flees home and the bookstore she runs in Acapulco with her eight year old son Luca Suddenly she finds herself having to make life or death decisions without any secure options on a daily basis Alternately walking and riding on the roof of a freight train La Bestia, Lydia and Luca meet a pair of sisters, Soledad and Rebecca, ages fifteen and fourteen, who are fleeing their home in Honduras, again due to cartel violence They face the threat of sexual assault constantly and find themselves themselves in situations where the assaults are brutally real, not just threatened.The people these four meet on their journey represent some of the best and the absolute worst humanity has to offer There are villagers who toss food to those riding La Bestia, despite having very little themselves Others who provide a hiding place in a desperate moment Churches that open their doors to migrants But there are also those who hunt the migrants, seeing them as easy targets for violence or commodities to be sold to the highest bidder.At a time when we are being fed a bigoted narrative of bad hombres crossing our border, American Dirt comes as a necessary, if brutal, response Yes, as American Dirt makes clear, those bad hombres exist, but the vast majority of migrants are people like Lydia, Luca, Soledad, and Rebecca, fleeing the unbearable and dreaming of nothing than a chance to live simple, honest lives It is time for the stories of these migrants to be told and told in a way that honors the dignity of the desperate moving north in whatever way they can.I received a free electronic review copy of this book from the publisher and via NetGalley The opinions are my own. What a mind blowing beginning of a book A mother, Lydia and her little boy, Luca hid themselves in the bathtub for not being other victims of family massacre The contract killers most dangerous drug lord s dirtbags kept looking for them, firing their guns, calling their names And finally they thought they were not at the house so they left the place and 16 innocent victims behind Now mother and her son have to leave the country for staying alive because one of the powerful men is chasing them and he is determined to finish his massacre that he already started The man, Javier Crespo Fuentes, once upon a time he was her friend They talked about books, shared their secrets, formed a close relationship till one day Lydia s reporter husband Sebastian wrote an article about Javier The day the article had published their life s direction had also traumatically changed So now, Lydia s husband, mother, sister and her children are dead Only she and her son stayed alive from vengeful attack of the cartel And now their thrilling, heartbreaking, dangerous journey begins They race against the time, authorities and killers at the same time So keep still at the edge of your seats and take deep breathes to calm your nerves This book will increase your heart rates and blow your mind by making you agitated, anxious but stop squirming nervously, just keep on reading, don t you want to know what will happen to those innocent mother and her brilliant, smart son Let me tell you something, they say destination not important but the journey but this time it works quite opposite at this book because throughout this long journey, the mother and son walked, hid, slept in different places, ran from dangerous people, jumped into the trains, put their lives in danger, met with different people who had amazing experiences and life stories This journey makes you up all night to read , learn , ache , fists clenched, eyes filled in tears You whisper prayers slowly to wish the characters can escape from the real monsters are living in our modern world Not only mother and son but the people they ve met especially the sisters helped them will always stay in my heart and soul forever because they re so realistically developed, well build characters who have heart wrenching stories I think instead of the beginning of this story, author s note part is also impressive It summarizes all those people including me who came to this land to chase their dreams, deal with our disappointments and learn from our mistakes to try again On the border wall of Tijuana, there is wonderful piece of graffiti When the author feel faltered or discouraged, she clicks to her desktop and look at those words On this side, too, there are dreams Everyone has different dreams but sometimes making too many sacrifices and leaving your old lives and old selves behind might be too tough and compelling for you so sometimes you just procrastinate or give up on them This book could be dedicated to the dreamers who are brave enough to leave, who have nothing to lose, make so much sacrifices and pay so many dues to fight with everything they have and finally reach their destinations Maybe it is too early to say that but I think this will be one of the most stunning, impressive and fascinating readings of 2020.Special thanks to Netgalley and Flatiron Book for sharing this amazing ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review No doubt this will be THE book of 2020.The Where The Crawdads Sing book of 2020.I ve never read Crawdads and I wouldn t have read American Dirt if not so kindly offered the opportunity by the publisher This is so far from my usual genre.Give me a thriller any day.I want to feel compelled to flip the pages while balancing on the edge of my seat.I want to lose sleep because I can t put a book down, a heart racing, just one chapter type of story AND THAT S EXACTLY WHAT I GOT WITH THIS BOOK.This book was nothing like what I was expecting and everything I could ever hope for Cummins has written a gripping and compelling narrative that every American should read Unfortunately, those that need this message the most will refuse this book out of spite and or the inability to read If that statement offends you, then you are exactly who it is directed towards Thank you Hachette Australia for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This is a timely and powerful portrayal of the plight of the migrant An innocent mother and her young son desperately and illegally attempt to enter the US from Mexico while fleeing from a cartel The beginning is brutal and the tension never ceases The cartel s savagery is not the focus of the novel but it is the impetus At its heart, this is a novel about victims and there are victims aplenty No one is to be trusted Although, amid much cold blooded barbarity and those out to make quick buck at the expense of the downtrodden, there are good souls who provide food, water, and shelter to the migrants Be prepared to read this with your heart in your throat I know of a certain occupant of the White House who would benefit greatly from reading this book but, alas, he does not read Let s hope American Dirt opens the eyes of others.