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DNF 47%I’m done with this series The first book was weird enough as it is, but this one is just too much for me Nothing makes sense and at 47%, I still haven’t found a plot Here’s a list of things I have a problem with:1 This series is weird.2 Everyone treats Sookie as if she is Bill’s possession Even worse: a pet.3 Bill goes along with it.4 So does Sookie.5 Bill is one of the worst boyfriends I have ever met He is boring, possessive and never fails to get Sookie into trouble Plus, he only cares about sleeping with Sookie and drinking her blood (which automatically leads to sleeping with Sookie).6 Sookie lets him Sookie in Book #1: “Hi I’m Sookie I’m a virgin.” Sookie in Book #2: “Sexsexsexsexsex.” This is not even an exaggeration Here is a lovely quote from Miss Sookie Stackhouse:“If we could just get out of here right now, I promised myself I’d never come back I’d give up this detecting for the vampires, I’d just tend bar and sleep with Bill.”Do I even need to elaborate on how wrong this is? Because to Sookie, a good life is being a waitress and sleeping with her dead boyfriend Amazing how ignorant some people can be.7 Bill doesn’t give his girlfriend small presents like flowers or chocolates He just says, “The vampires want my woman well So now I own a clothing shop Go buy some clothes with my card.”8 Sookie won’t stop talking about her bloody boobs.9 Neither will anyone else They all lust after her curvaceous curves.10 Another guy kisses her No big deal.11 She sticks her keys in her thong.It’s one thing to let your boyfriend decide that you can’t carry around a purse But then I’d put the keys in my bra, not in my bloody thong That just cannot be comfortable And then he’s all pervy about it, like, “Oh why don’t you get your keys out.” Real charmer, that Bill Why don’t you go suck on some roadkill. Despite having a solid story that ends with one huge massacre, a theme that explores radical groups and the evil of humanity (not of the monsters) there are still a hundred pages left to talk about the new types of myths that are roaming the earth Sookie's world is suddenly getting stuffy, but with each new development, the reader understands that the books will take liberties that will truly surprise The adventures are becoming less structured episodic I am pretty excited to continue reading about this heroine who is becoming surprisingly less shy actually almost slutty at times If your boyfriend was some overly attractive megasexy vampire, wouldn't you be? It was extremely hard thinking of Eric Northman, 6'4, blonde with blue eyes, need I mention a super gorgeous hunk, a vampire, and Sheriff of Louisiana Area 5, an entrepreneur (owner of bar Fangtasia) in a PINK LYCRA especially when I pictured him as Alexander Skarsgård who looks like this But imagining the bulge his would form, Eric Northman in a pink lycra doesn't seem like a bad idea I think I'm pro pink lycras Especially if someone this hot would wear them I even think I should advocate the wearing of lycras on men *drool* Hmm, well maybe not in pink, but inmanly colors :))Dead in Dallas, the second installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, is an entertaining quick read I'm not a big fan of Charlaine Harris' writing style, but I have to admit, the lady has a great imagination.This book, practically covers up the entire second season of True Blood But don't think that it's basically the same, because it's not It's different in a way the the TV series hasdrama But still, as I said, the book was very entertaining.Sookie Stackhouse is attacked by a maenad, a worshiper of the God of wine and all things crazy, as a message to Eric Northman After Sookie being healed, she is lent to the Dallas vampire sheriff, to read the humans who might have seen the missing vampire Farrell But the search becomes complicated as they end up searching at the religious group, Fellowship of the Sun with a century old suicidal vampire as an ally After fixing the Dallas affair, Sookie goes off with Eric Northman (yes, in a pink Lycra) to an orgy, to find LaFayette's murderer But, not only do they find LaFayette's murderer, they also manage to be in the middle of the maenad's frenzy.The main reason why I'm reading this, is because it's agonizing to wait for every season of True Blood in HBO to come, since it's painstakingly long It's pure torture.I'm not a big fan of the books, but, if Charlaine Harris makes me imagine men inpink Lycras, I think this will soon be my favorite series :)) 2.5 StarsSookie fucking Stackhouse!! I’ll let you know a little secret, ladies: No matter how great with a capital G your boobs are, you will never attract every man and woman who ever meets you UNLESS you are Sookie fucking Stackhouse!! If you are Sookie fucking Stackhouse no one, and I mean NO ONE, will be able to resist you *eyeroll*Easily my least favourite part of this story is the main character, I just cannot relate to Sookie at all She bothers me And whilst an element of that is simple stupidity ( I don't care how many times you TELL me she is smart… I require that you SHOW me a character has a brain in her head to believe it, Harris) a larger part is that she reads very ist to me By that I mean sexist, ageist, racist… And homophobic – not an ist, I know – and that bothers me! Okay, okay yes this is set in the South, yes I understand there is still a great deal of all of the above there (even today), yes I do get that it would read very utopian to avoid all such behavior. BUT I don’t give a shit, I don't like it, mmkay I especially don't like that she is made out to seem so understanding – and even calls her brother out on being a homophobe – when she herself is a bigot! Just because you are dating a vampire doesn't make you less of a judgemental fuck, Sookie! Once again Bill drove me batshit He’s a lousy love interest Once again the writing was poor at best, prudish and boring at worst Once again the secondary characters were one dimensional and stereotypical Once again the plotline was a thinly veiled murdermystery designed to throw love interests together All new grievance: I HATED the way Godric was represented in the book I find myself unbelievably pleased that the show went a different way with him (Although minor, he is one of my favourite characters in the show)However, I did genuinely laugh at a few scenes (Especially THAT scene, Sh3lly, you know what I’m talking about! Lol) And while I have to say that I do believe show Eric will always usurp book Eric I did find enjoyment in his character here Good night, Sookie I am glad you weren’t raped or killed Vampire Bill is a dud But otherwise I really enjoyed this book, it was better than the first I was dying laughing during most of the orgy scenewho knew Eric was so funny? Perfect vacation reading Added bonus, I read this on the plane last night from Minneapolis to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport Very appropriate :) *** 3.44 ***A buddy read with the folks at FBR! There is a vampire thing going on :)Let's start with the obvious these books are not written with the aim to turn into classics one day, nor are they pretentious or climbing the genre's most memorable ladder to fame They do not claim literary breakthroughs nor are they intended as a learning tool of how to make it in life They are what they are a silly, at times humorous and always just at the edge of ridiculous portrayal of a hick Southern small town, full of the prerequisite caricatures of the culture and using them to set the most unlikely place for vampire and other supernatural creatures drama, thus making it a comedy from start to finish With all the murders, gore and violence, this series manages to be light, make you laugh and I consider it one of the lightest reads I have on my TBR these days A book where one of the strongest and scariest vampires goes to a town party “where there were all kinds of sex hijinks going on, wearing a pink tank top and Lycra leggings which were pink and aqua, with the BarbieDoll lookalike countrybar waitress with the big boobs and a tan, you know this is either going to be a satire, or a fun and light read It is not a satire “Glass shattered, vampires roared, humans screamed The noise battered at me, just as the tidal wave of scores of brains at high gear washed over me When it began to taper off, I looked up into Eric's eyes Incredibly, he was excited He smiled at me I knew I'd get on top of you somehow, he said.Are you trying to make me mad so I'll forget how scared I am?No, I'm just opportunistic.I wiggled, trying to get out from under him, and he said, Oh, do that again It felt great.” This was a very fun and quick read, absolutely perfect for when you just want to let your hair down and be entertained for an afternoon! I love that the author, in all of her wisdom, has made the stories compact enough that you have no time to get tired of them and her timing with the pacing is just on the spot Sookie, Bill, Eric and Sam are very likable characters in different ways, and there is some empathy even for those who do not fall under the good guys category I am very glad I do not have the TV show knowledge to compare it to and get to appreciate the books for what they are I think every fan of the Urban Fantasy genre should at least try this series on for size, and if it is too silly for you, you can always stop reading it Otherwise you might enjoy the comedy which comes with the newly awakened to her sexuality southern bell and her trying to deal with having a vampire for a boyfriend and all the complications that come with that Remember, this is just for fun and no one is making lifechanging statements or writing a moral codex So I hope you can enjoy the misadventures of Sookie the way they are intended to be enjoyed:):):) “Angelic Sookie, vision of love and beauty, I am prostrate that the wicked evil maenad violated your smooth and voluptuous body, in an attempt to deliver a message to me Eric” Now I wish you Happy Reading and my you always find what you need in the pages of a Good Book!!! Cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse is having a streak of bad luck First her coworker is killed, and no one seems to care Then she comes face toface with a beastly creature that gives her a painful and poisonous lashing Enter the vampires, who graciously suck the poison from her veins like they didn't enjoy itThe point is: they saved her life So when one of the bloodsuckers asks for a favor, she obligesand soon Sookie's in Dallas, using her telepathic skills to search for a missing vampire She's supposed to interview certain humans involved, but she makes one condition: the vampires must promise to behave and let the humans go unharmed But that's easier said than done, and all it takes is one delicious blonde and one small mistake for things to turn deadly Another wonderful Sookie Stackhouse outing, fastpaced and never flagging This one sees Sookie and Bill sent by Eric to Dallas because he's rented her out to the nest leader there, Stan, so she can use her telepathic gift to find out what happened to a missing vampire This leads to the Fellowship, a truly scary psuedoChristian cult that's very antivampire There's also a scary Maenad hanging around the woods at home, demanding tribute, and poor Lafayette, the flamboyantly gay cook from the bar where Sookie works, turns up dead in Andy Bellefleur's car and Sookie's determined to find out who killed him.Mystery, excitement, a bit of violence, some steamy makeup sex and new additions to the eccentric and ecclectic cast don't throw Sookie off her stride As a character she's great, not the least bit annoying and totally understandable, despite being in an alien situation As long as Sookie keeps it up, I can't see myself getting bored with these books. Two books in this series down.A hundred to go.Just kidding but there are a lot books in the Southern Vampire (better known as True Blood) series I don't know if I'll read them all, my attention span is not the best, but I'm loving these books so far In Living Dead In Dallas we once again spend time with our heroine Sookie Stackhouse and her interesting friends Sookie is a bit grating, Bill is still boring, but thankfully we finally getEric I hope in future books we get to knowabout how why vampires decided to come out of the shadows I also want to learnabout the vampire society I also won't mind if Sookie Bill broke up(can you tell I'm not a fan of Bill?) I really need to watch the show Around the Year in 52 Books: A book where the MC or Author is a different ethnic origin, religion, or sexual identity than my own.ReadAThin May Challenge: A book with a MC that is opposite of you. I almost forgot what an uptight bore Bill is But I surely remember the glory that is Eric Northman